Welcome 2013!

Being mindful to the garment making cycle is a way of life today for most manufactures that are trying to have a softer foot print on our dear mother earth.  One company that has lead the charge for many years of a mindful practice, from how they treat their employees, what the working environment looks and feels like, the fabrics and trims utilized in their garments, the vendors they work with to produce their garments, to the retail partnerships that sell their garments is prAna.  PrAna is inspiring the moment one walks through the front office doors.  Signs point the way to recycling centers, how to have mindful water practices, images of photos that embrace and inspire a mindful way of life by incorporating yoga, rock climbing, and meditation practices, to a daily gong that stops the whole company for a silence break in the hustle of the day.  PrAna’s belief:  Making good stuff in a good way.  The action prAna takes to do this is using sustainable textiles, hold themselves accountable by being a bluesign® system partner, ship all clothing in paper bags that have 100% recycle content instead of industry standard plastic bags, is a member of the Fair Labor Association that actively supports Fair Trade Certified™ Apparel.

PrAna empowers their people, is mindful, always tries to do the right thing, has a one for all attitude, stays connected, lives and learns.  May we all inspire to create greatness in everyone and all things around us as the people at prAna do on a daily basis.  To learn more about their many amazing programs and way of life visit: