Hurley H2O and Ecology Center

Leading the way to providing clean drinking water to people everywhere in the world is a
mission Hurley is accomplishing. One local partnership helping this endeavor is the amazing
people at The Ecology Center in San Juan Capistrano, CA. Together, through classes, events
like the Hurley Pro surf championship, publications, and exhibits like “The Water Shed” (2011)
, “Protect Your Watershed” (2012), and “SPLASH! How Good Water Works!” (2010, and
currently on view at the Lodz Design Festival 2012 in Poland), Hurley H2O and The Ecology
Center educate thousands of people of all ages with water-wise practices and more. I know from
visiting The Ecology Center with my son, seeing the pathways to be water wise, and visiting
the big blue man “Juggy” (composed of 365 Sparkletts bottles symbolizing the average Orange
County resident’s direct and indirect water consumption of 1,800 gallons per day) put a visible
perspective and much gratitude in our hearts to have clean water to drink and utilize in all areas
of our lives.

Check out further amazing stories of the H20 project Hurley is doing to educate people all over
the world at:

If you haven’t been to The Ecology Center, do not wait another day! Check out all their
resources and events for children and adults: