Full Circle

The ERP software that handles every aspect of your company’s operational needs

The Full Circle® software handles every aspect of your company’s operations, including supply chain management, production administration (including purchasing, manufacturing, and trafficking), and distribution of finished products to your customers. Our software solutions are completely integrated with our EDI service bureau, EDI Direct®, which has become a leading solution for the apparel, footwear, and accessory industry’s EDI requirements. Full Circle® is also fully integrated with Full Circle® Financials, our proprietary financial module which includes accounts payable, accounts receivable, general ledger, and financial statements. Additionally, our systems provide your staff with the information needed to improve customer service, seize market opportunities, reduce losses from unfulfilled orders, and minimize the investment tied up in idle inventory.

The Full Circle® software provides the tools to reengineer business processes, reduce wasted effort, and strengthen the internal communication within your company. It allows you to become closer to your customers through the use of superior technologies while also enabling you to respond more effectively to today’s demanding retailers who want to develop closer business ties with a reduced number of key suppliers.

Modules & Requirements

Sales Modules

Master File Tables for Customers

Sales Order Processing

Mass Sales Order Adjusting

User Formatted Inquiries and Reporting

Sales Forecasting

Real Time Sales Rep Order Processing

Return Authorizations

Invoices & Credit Memos

Electronic Data Interchange

Finished Goods and Raw Materials Inventory Modules

Finished Goods Allocation

Finished Goods Reserve Allocation

Finished Goods Distribution Scan & Pack

Finished Goods Warehouse Sale Module

Finished Goods Physical Inventory

Raw Material Physical Inventory

RF Warehouse Management System

User Formatted Inquiries and Reporting

Supply Chain Mangement


Cost Sheets

Finished Goods Purchasing

Domestic Production

Raw Material Purchasing

Material Requirement Planning

Vendor ASN & UCC128 Compliance

User Formatted Inquiries and Reporting

Financial Modules

Accounts Receivable

Accounts Payable

Account Reconciliation

General Ledger

Financial Statements

Letter of Credit Tracking

Charge Backs

Multi Currency

Non-Product Purchasing

True A/P Costing-3 Way Matching

Integration Modules

Web Integration

Credit Card Processing

Factor Intergration

3PL Interface Capability

B2B Intergration

Retail POS Integration

Hardware Requirements

Unix Server, Linux®, IBM® AIX®, HP-UX®



Dedicated Internet Access

Macintosh® compatible with a terminal server or additional third-party software

Minimal workstation requirements due to thin client technology

System Features

Thin Client Technology

Thin client technology dramatically reduces your P/C’s requirements. With thin client technology the server is doing all the processing and the P/C’s are emulating off of the server dramatically reducing the I/O back and forth between the P/C and the server.

With Full Circle® Apparel Software being developed in a thin client technology allows a clean connection to the server. Many of our competitors with client server utilize a terminal server to make the connectivity to the P/Cs to operate in a thin client mode. This requires more hardware and another layer of software to improve performance.

Easy Portability

Full Circle Apparel Software can be installed on an Intel® based CPU running Linux® for smaller clients so hardware costs can be minimal. For larger clients, or if growth takes you into a larger size business, you can purchase an IBM® RISC AIX or Hewlett Packard® RISC HPUX and migrate Full Circle® Apparel Software without any conversion necessary.

Printing & Email Capabilities

• Networked Printers

• Save to desktop

• Email & Screen Display Options:
1. PDF
2. Text
3. Excel
4. Portrait
5. Landscape

Additional Features

• 100% GUI (Graphical User Interface)
• 100% ODBC compliant for query & report writer capabilities
• Multi-key file structure
• Source Code provided on all installations
• Scheduling options for reporting to auto generate outputs at the users saved formats
• Reporting format settings by user for global share and or personal use
• Inquiry format settings by user for global share and or personal use

Please call a sales representative for a login and password for more product documentation at 949-707-1560.

Client List

Innovative Systems is proud to serve some of the biggest names in the apparel, footwear, and accessory industries. From high-fashion to action sports, our clients rely on us to provide the innovative solutions that will take their business to the next level.

Captain Fin (3 Point Distribution)Ezekiel (3 Point Distribution)AfflictionAFTCO – American Fishing Tackle CompanyAgent ProvocateurAlpinestarsAugust AccessoriesBaldwin DenimBarcoBloch USA & UK • Independent Trading Company (Brad Rambo and Associates)Riviera Paddle Sports (Brad Rambo and Associates) • Life After Denim (Brandlogic) • Margaritaville Apparel (Change Five)CivilianaireDragon AllianceEMU USA & AUeVocalFamous Stars and StrapsFashion LabFence Post ProductionsFrame DenimFreewatersGrayseHudsonJames PerseJoe’s JeansJohnnie-OKoral (Koral Industries)Show Me Your Mumu (Koral Industries)Volcom USA & FR (Kering )Electric Visual Eyewear (Kering )Kuhl USA & CHL’AgenceFMF (La Jolla)Metal Mulisha (La Jolla)O’Neill (La Jolla)Roark Revival (La Jolla)Lifted Research GroupLucky BrandL*SpaceMiH JeansNative ShoesNeffHurley (Nike)ODM (Olaes Enterprises)OluKaiObey (One Three Two)Loser Machine (One Three Two)OnexPackage ApparelprAnaRaj ManufacturingRed Engine JeansReyn SpoonerJessica’s (Richard I Koral)Romeo and Juliet (BEARPAW)Wes and Willy (Rycam)Sara’s Prints (Rycam)SBC ClothingSportifStance, IncStussyThe HundredsTravis MathewTrixxiTrue Religion USA & CH7 For All Mankind (VF Corporation)Splendid (VF Corporation)Ella MossVoce686 (Westlife Distribution)Matix (Westlife Distribution)Wildfox Couture (VF Corporation)Next Level Apparel (YS Garments)Z Supply

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