Full Circle Lite

Full Circle Lite ® is equally as effective as Full Circle® and was created specifically for small to medium sized companies. Ideal for growing businesses, Full Circle Lite ® gives your team the tools to transform dreams into reality with a solution that can scale the entire way.

Comprehensive Management Technology

  • Empowers companies to successfully streamline all aspects of their operations, from product inception to market.
  • Leading comprehensive platform for all operational needs.

Tailored for Growing Businesses

  • Created specifically for small to medium sized companies in the apparel, footwear, and accessories industries.
  • Proven to accelerate performance and take businesses to the next level, without the hassle and cost of management system upgrades.
  • Access to all of Full Circle Lite’s® solution modules through a monthly per user rental program. Leading management software modules include: supply chain management, purchasing, manufacturing, sales, EDI services, distribution, financials, and reporting.
  • Convenient, affordable alternative to Full Circle®.
  • Offers the unsurpassed customer service support of the industry experts at Innovative Systems.

Empowering Business Success

  • Equip companies with vital tools to direct every aspect of operations.
  • Strengthens internal communications and establishes tighter relationships with demanding retailers.
  • Enables companies to efficiently manage their finances through a comprehensive financial module that handles accounts payable and receivable, general ledger, and financial statements.
  • Ensures a streamlined warehouse by allowing companies to conveniently manage all production, manufacturing, inventory, and shipping operations from a comprehensive platform.

Strengthening Operations

  • Enhances customer service.
  • Improves sales.
  • Increases productivity.
  • Reduces loss from unfulfilled orders
  • Minimizes investment in idle inventory.
  • Improves chain operations.
  • Increases on-time deliveries.

Modules & Requirements

ERP Modules

Sales order processing

Inventory management

Production processing

EDI processing

AR processing

AP processing

GL processing

System wide inquiries and reporting

Financial Modules

Accounts Receivable

Accounts Payable

Account Reconciliation

General Ledger

Financial Statements

Letter of Credit Tracking

Charge Backs

Multi Currency

Non-Product Purchasing

3 Way Matching

True A/P Costing

System Requirements

Any computer with an internet connection.

System Features

Cloud based via Remote Desktop application

No server or hardware requirements just a internet connection

Data Output Directly from the PC

• Excel
• Tab Delimited

Email Options

1. PDF
2. Text
3. Portrait
4. Landscape

• Networked Printers
• Save to desktop

Screen Display Options

1. PDF
2. Text
3. Portrait
4. Landscape

• 100% GUI (Graphical User Interface)
• Multi key file structure
• Scheduling options for reporting to auto generate outputs at the users saved formats
• Reporting format settings by user for global share and or personal use
• Inquiry format settings by user for global share and or personal use

Please call a sales representative for a login and password for more product documentation at 949-707-1560.